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cheap calls to Algeria

Algeria is a beautiful country situated in the north of Africa and is bordered by Tunis, Morocco and the mediterranean sea. This makes Algeria a place worth visiting or living. Two-thirds of all trade in Algeria is conducted with the European Union.

simplecall brings Algeria right to the heart of Europe

Algeria has a special relationship with Europe, and more importantly with France. Because there are more than a million Algerians living in France, and because Algerians are known to keep a special relationship with their family and kinsmen , simplecall brings you a service to make really cheap international calls to Algeria. The service is exceptional because, despite being cheap, the quality is not. To use simplecall, all you have to do is go to the simplecall site, register for a simplecall account and you are ready to make cheap calls to Algeria.

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Calls with simplecall from Europe to Algeria start from 12.9c min for both landlines and mobiles. simplecall believes in transparency and this is why all our rates are listed on our site - you only pay for what you use and nothing more! To start making cheap calls to Algeria today, visit and register for free. You will be connected to your family and loved ones in no time!


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