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simplecall is a provider of affordable and easy international calling for people calling Bangladesh. We bring you a unique calling service to call Bangladesh that allows you to make cheap calls to Bangladesh starting from just 4.2c /min to landlines and mobiles.

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simplecall has several advantages over traditional international calling providers. With simplecall, you spend less time dialling because simplecall is PIN-less. Also, unlike calling cards, simplecall can be purchased online and you don’t have to carry a plastic card with you everywhere you go. To start enjoying the benefits of cheap international calling, all you have to do is just register at and start calling your friends and families straight away.

Bangladesh connection with simplecall

Currently, a large Bangladeshi population lives in Europe. Bangladeshis are known for maintaining a strong family bond and love to speak to their families and friends back home. We understand this and that is why simplecall brings you this convenient and cost-effective service to make calls to Bangladesh. With simplecall, you get the chance to be at the heart of the action with affordable and low cost phone calls to Bangladesh.

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