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Ghana is a former British colony and probably is well known around the world as the ‘Gold Coast.’ It is also famous for being the second largest producer of cocoa. The country is full of natural resources and is famous for its gold deposits and oil reserves.

say “Akwaaba” to simplecall and its PINless calling service

Hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians choose to make European countries their home and an equal number travel for education or tourism. Ghanaians are known for their strong family ties, which means they place a priority on remaining in touch with friends and family at all times. simplecall understands this and that is why we offer one of the most affordable services to call Ghana. Our low rates will make sure that you can keep talking for as long as you want.

simplecall for a cheap call, the honest African way

If you have been trying international calling cards and have realised that you have been blindsided by hidden fees and aren’t getting all the minutes you purchased then you should definitely give simplecall a try. Our cheap rates to Ghana start from 43.6c /min for landlines and mobiles. To use our PINless international calling card all you need to do is just visit our website and register. We promise you that you will get a service that is hassle-free with low rates and high quality calls to keep you coming back for more.



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