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simplecall’s low cost rates ensure that you can keep speaking to your friends and family back in India for hours and hours. simplecall is a PINless international calling service which gives you the opportunity to make cheap calls to India at really cheap rates, starting from just 2.2c /min to landlines and mobiles. To benefit from simplecall's services, register for free today at and start making cheap calls to India.

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If you have used one of the popular international calling providers, you might have ended up paying a lot more than you’dhave liked to. However, with simplecall, this is not the case. With simplecall, you can save more than 90% on your international calling. Also, unlike conventional plastic calling cards, with simplecall you don’t have to carry the plastic card with you wherever you go or worry about losing it because simplecall is online.

the upcoming super power

There are over a million Indians in UK alone and this is apart from the 70,000 In Germany and 65,000 in France. Punjabi has, over a period of time, become one of the most spoken languages in the UK. Indians form an important community that has contributed significantly to Europe’s economy. India is home to one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, which brings a large tourist population to India from Europe. So the next time your friends or relatives are in India, talk to them using simplecall.


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