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cheap call to Nepal is a cakewalk compared to trekking

Nepal is famous throughout the world for being home to eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including Mt Everest. Other things that Nepal is known for include the Mustang Kingdom and Sagarmatha National Park. These bring a lot of tourists to Nepal and this is one of the reasons why Nepal is becoming a top place for Europeans to make cheap international calls. simplecall brings you a cheap international calling service that opens the gateway of the Himalaya. We started this service while keeping your needs in mind and that is why we tried to keep our service simple and affordable.

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There is a large population of Nepalese living in Europe and they have a strong bond back home with their families and friends. simplecall understands this, which is why we want to make sure that you can stay in touch. Our low rates for making calls to Nepal start from just 17.3c /min to landlines and mobiles. We strongly believe in transparency, which is why we clearly mention our rates on our website. Our users therefore only pay what they use, unlike our competitors who have hidden charges. And to start using our service, simply visit and register. The registration is free and only takes a minute to do.

mountainous challenges ahead, keep marching

Nepal has endured a great deal because of the revolts, but now Nepal is rising and its economy is making healthy progress. Nepal evokes the image of fearless Ghurkhas and an unbroken mountain chain in our mind, but the country is more than that. A rich blend of distinctive religion and society has made Nepal lavishly unique. An uneven nation of great mountain peaks, notably the largest in Mt. Everest, has transformed it into a hub for visitors from everywhere throughout the world.


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