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low cost international calls to Poland brings home even closer

simplecall has a special offer for Poles living in Europe whereby they can make calls to Poland starting from 1.2c /min to landlines and mobiles. At simplecall, we understand our customers needs so we provide cheap rates so you can talk to your loved ones longer. At simplecall, we want to be sure that we live up to our name, which is why we make the whole calling process convenient and as uncomplicated as possible. You don’t have to leave the house to register or top up - just buy it online and start calling right away! Visit our website at and register today.

convenient online international calling service

Along with the cheap calling service, you also get additional free benefits and features. Our online service means you can check your balance and call history whenever you want. We also have a direct dial feature where you can store your most important numbers as a local number so you can make calls abroad with the press of a single button!

the people’s republic of Poland at the Gdańsk Shipyard

There are more than 1.5 million people of Polish decent who live in Germany and about 400,000 who live in Belarus. Because of the close proximity of Poland to European countries, and because of the relaxed visa regimes, many polish people have chosen neighbouring European countries as their home. They have contributed a lot to the economy of these countries and some of them have made it big and are famous. Next time when you are calling Poland, give simplecall a try.


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