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Nowadays, we are always worried about time, money and managing our relationships. At simplecall, we understand that striking that balance can be difficult and that is why we would like to offer a helping hand. Because Saudi Arabia is the cultural capital of Muslims and many people visit the country for pilgrimage, we know that people want to call Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Medina other places in Saudi Arabia. This is why we have a cheap international call rate starting at 11.4c /min to landlines and mobiles. So, next time you want to call Saudi Arabia, don’t worry about the cost or hassle of making that call – it’s simple with simplecall.

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To start using simplecall, just go to and register. We don't just offer cheap calling rates, we go beyond that to give you a whole range of services and support. With simplecall, you have the ability to check your account balance and history online and also top-up your account with credit. Plus, you can store your favourite numbers so the next time you want to call your loved ones all you have to do is press a button and you will be connected to them directly.

ahlan wa sahlan

More than 3 million people visit Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage every year. This is apart from the several million who visit the country for the lesser pilgrimage throughout the year. This desert country is birthplace of Islam - one of the largest monotheist religions in the world. So, if your loved one is performing Hajj or Umrah or just visiting Saudi Arabia, then you can always keep in touch with them with our cheap calling service. Or if you are student or a tourist who is travelling in Europe and want to call back home, make sure you try simplecall.


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