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At simplecall, what really matters is our customers’ satisfaction. And this is why we make sure that we just don’t give you cheap calls but also the best quality at the lowest price. Our rates for calls to Sudan start from 29.2c /min to landlines and mobiles.

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In the globalised world, everyone is connected to the internet and this makes it simple for anyone with a simplecall account to easily access their account online and check their bills and call history. You can also update your details, top up or even register your favourite number for direct dialling. Direct dialling allows you to make a call using a local number, and then, with the press of a button, you are connected to the destination abroad. To start using simplecall, all you have to do is visit and register your name and number. Try our international calling service - you won’t be disappointed.

a country that gave birth to another

Sudan has a $100 billion GDP and is a developing nation. Before it was divided in 2011, it was the largest nation in Africa. The country is rich in minerals and rapidly becoming the regional business hub of East Africa. The country is considered to have one of most favourable business environments in the region. The country is often referred to as the “horn of Africa” and is famous for the Nile river, the pyramid’s and archaeological sites that date back to the prehistoric era. Many Sudanese have taken European countries as their home, many also visit for studies and tourism. The next time you want to call back Sudan, give simplecall a try.


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