April 24, 2013

Hello everybody! A sneak peek at the new look of simplecall

Since its birth in 2007, simplecall has grown as a trusted brand in the community. In the next step of its continued evolution, we initiated a massive rebranding that required us to go back to our roots and revisit what we are really all about.

The launch of the simplecall brand was about much more than selling a product. It's our message that our branding has certain values. It's the clarification of our shared vision and direction. It's another step toward achieving leadership—it's not about doing better than the competition, it's about setting the standard.

In this video detailing our internal launch of the simplecall brand, we hope to share some insight into the thinking, values, new look and feel that is behind simplecall, which is soon to go public. So please, let us invite you to join us on our journey to a place where the complex is made simple. Enjoy.


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