August 1, 2013

simplecall launches new website

simplecall officially launched its new website last month. The launch was the culminating piece of publicly unveiling the complete rebranding of simplecall, which brings with it new visuals, voice and vision.

The rebranding effort has been an intensive one, involving every department of the simplecall team. From the directors on down, each person was called to draw upon his or her understanding of the business’ purpose and values. Through many hours of spirited debate at off-campus retreats, each part of the business came to a conclusion on a shared vision and direction for simplecall.

The shared vision is defined by four core values – customer-first, ethical, excellence and nnovation.

First and foremost, the customer is top priority. The ‘customer-first’ element is executed by first seeking to understand the customer’s needs, and then striving to surpass those needs. Secondly, the ‘ethical’ component is driven by the reality that the international calling industry is rife with ploys to cheat and misinform customers. simplecall refuses that a business has to be that way to make money, and instead is open and honest at every level, building the customer relationship on trust, not deception. Finally, simplecall is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of ‘excellence’ at every level, and continued ‘innovation’ in terms of its services and features.

It was from this shared vision that the website was created. The site was made with a customer-centric focus, with an aim on making it as user-friendly, convenient and accessible as possible. The clean and simple layout and design of the site dovetail with the simplicity of simplecall’s calling services and features.

simplecall is a low-cost international calling alternative to calling cards. It offers high-quality calling and 24/7 customer service with no hidden costs or connection fees. It is available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and the EU.


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