November 15, 2011

SimpleCall Offers Certified Call History and Easy Access to Call History Online

Did you know? You can now access up to three months of your SimpleCall call history online. That’s right: by signing in to your SimpleCall account, you can view up to three months of calls.

View call history online:

You can now view up to three months of call history online by signing in to your account and clicking on “Call History” from the left-hand menu. The Call History report will include:

  • The registered number from which each call was made
  • The destination number
  • The time and date of each call
  • The duration of each call
  • What your account was debited for each call

Obtain certified report:

The charge for a certified copy of your call history is £5. To request a certified copy of your Call History up to six months, you can call or email Customer Support. Allow 2-3 working days to process your request. Customers need to provide a valid address and contact number. Customers can be contacted when papers are ready.


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