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Kenya is famous for its safaris, diverse wildlife reserves and national parks, such as the West Tsavo National Park and others. There are also several world heritage sites, such as Lamu in Kenya. Kenyan tea, coffee, agricultural products, circus and zoo animals were exported all over the world and have gained immense popularity.

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Kenya has a close relationship with Australia and to ensure that Kenyans and Australians can contact each other and remain in touch, simplecall has rolled out a cheap international calling rate for Kenya. Our service has amazing features such as the ability to top up online and the fact that it is PIN less.

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At simplecall, we believe in charging only what is fair and don’t make mystery charges like many calling card companies do. We value transparency so we make them available on our website online. You will never be charged for any minutes you don’t use. This is why you should use simplecall to make international calls to Kenya. Our cheap rates for calls to Kenya start from the low reate of just 63¢ /min to landlines and mobiles. Next time you are making a call to Kenya, try using simplecall. Register with us at We promise you that you will love our service and will not look back.


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