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Affordable international calls to Kuwait

Kuwait is known as the Arab world’s gateway and is home to several international communities. From North Koreans to Americans to Filipinos to Indians to Kenyans to Samoans to Fijians, calling Kuwait is easy for everyone. simplecall, has created a cheap and easy to use international calling service, plus our prices are low and our quality is high.

Cheap and honest calling

simplecall aims to ensure that its customers enjoy phone calls on simplecall, which is why we focus on giving low rates but still supply high quality. Our rates for calls to Kuwait start from 9.5¢ /min to landlines and mobiles. To start benefiting from simplecall, all it takes is visiting and register for free.

Kuwait is rising again

Kuwait is a small but important country in the Middle East. It has huge amounts of oil reserves and the increasing global demand for oil is attracting more investors and workers to Kuwait. Call Kuwait today with simplecall and stay in touch with your loved ones.


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