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Customers like simplecall because of our innovative features. We make sure that we live up to our name and make life simpler for people. Calling South Africa with simplecall will only cost you as little as 51.2¢ /min to landline and mobile phones. Many providers may claim to be cheaper, but you actually end up paying more because of the hidden charges and fees. With simplecall, you only pay what you use and that’s it!

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simplecall is a PIN less, hassle-free international calling service that fits in perfectly with your demanding lifestyle. You can register with us by visiting and see how convenient it really is. And with simplecall everything is at your fingertips. You can check your account balance and various other details completely online. You can also top up your account online. With our call direct feature, you can store your favourite numbers so you can call them with the push of a single button. And you can do all this from a mobile phone, landline or even your PC.

a rainbow that is more vivid than any other

A large South African contingent has made Australia its home. South Africa is rich in precious minerals like gold, diamond and platinum. Rugby and cricket are the two most popular sports in South Africa, closely followed by football. The country produced some of the most influential people internationally such as Nelson Mandela.


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