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simplecall wants you to talk to your loved ones for as long as you need, and that is why we bring you this amazing service to call UAE for less. We provide an international calling service at a low rate, starting at 24.8¢ /min for landlines and mobiles. And that is not all - we also have a range of features that will make you fall in love with simplecall. This includes a PIN less dialling service, an online account and a way to save your favourite numbers so that you can dial them with the press of a button! And all these features come for free!

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There are many providers who claim to have the cheapest international calls; however, the problem is that most of them offer cheap rates but hide the charges in the fine print.This means that, in the end, you always end up paying more. This is why you end up paying much more than what you were told. At simplecall, we believe in privacy and that is why we put all our rates on our website, which means you can check the rates on the internet at any time. To start using simplecall’s great services, just register with us at and sign up for free.

welcome to the oasis

In the beginning of the century, the UAE was a group of fishing villages and towns. But in the past few decades, these villages have swiftly developed into a global hotspot for trade and technology, business and commerce. The country is home to the world’s first 7 star hotel and over the decades has developed into a tourism favourite for many people.


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