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SimpleCall has come with a way for you to call internationally to certain countries virtually free. We have come up with a method which allows users to talk for 60 minutes for the cost of 1min only!
It works from these countries – to any of these countries.

True Free Calls local access number for UK customer:
+44 203 372 0393

True Free Calls access number for UK costumer while on roaming to USA:
+1 347 286 8972


This is how it works :

Step 1

Call the access numbers shown here depending on which country you are in. If you are in USA then you should call the USA number or UK number if you are calling from UK.

Step 2

You will hear the tone asking you to enter destination number. Enter the number you wish to reach. It must be a mobile number which can see the caller ID or a land line which has caller ID enabled. You should hear the recipient phone ringing and wait for pick up by the receiver.

Step 3

Greet your friend and ask him/her to hang up and call back to the number he or she sees as your call coming from. It will be a local number and therefore should be free for the receiver to call back. Please note, Pay-as-you-go or pre-paid mobile sims are unlikely to have free local calls. If your friend is using one of those then they may or will incur a local call charge.

Step 4

You will continue holding on to the call. Your friend has hung up as per your instructions and now is trying to call back to the number we have showed. Remember this will not work if they take more than 30 seconds to call back! You do not hang up at any point!

Step 5

When your friend calls that number we connect that local call to your call as a conference.
Now both of you can have a free conference without any international call to pay for as long as it is free for both of you to call free locally!

Wala! 60 minutes conversation at the cost of just 1!
No jitters, no voice breaking, no internet, no fuss!

Just remember, you have to be a SimpleCall customer to use this service.
More than 30,000 of our customers have referred us to their friends. You could earn calling credits from referring friends too when you do it from simplecall portal.

SimpleCall – We make calling simple!

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