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Have you ever tried making international calls using a cheap calling card only to find out that the calls weren’t cheap at all? This is what happens with most of the international calling cards in the market today. They don't seem to deliver on what they advertise. Most of the time you only get half of the minutes you’re promised!

better than calling cards?

We created this revolutionary service to allow you to make cheap international calls. Our service is like a calling card but it is online. It’s quick and simple to register – and it’s free. Most calling card companies have a lot of hidden charges, which they call things like “termination costs,” “connection fees” or “monthly fees.” Sometimes you may realize that you have not even used your card and it has been depleted because of these fees. You will not find these problems with simplecall because simplecall was created with the intention of making international calls simple, cheap and uncomplicated. To ensure transparency we advertise our rates on our website.

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Despite the fact our service is cheap, we do not compromise our call quality. You do not just get cheap calls with us - with simplecall you also get access to a range of free features which make your calling experience an enjoyable experience. So the next time you are making an international call to your family, friends or your business, make sure you use simplecall. Register with us and start making cheap international calls today!

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