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Kenya has an exquisitely beautiful land of wildlife and Masai warriors. The name Kenya evokes an endless plain with countless animals grazing and hunting in unison. For centuries it acted as the playground for the rich and famous westerners. Port city Mombasa served as the gate of the east coast of Africa. Kenyan tea, coffee, agricultural products, circus and zoo animals were exported all over the world and gained immense popularity.

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Nowadays, Kenya is globally significant for, perhaps, a lesser-known reason - its flowers. In 2011, it exported £300m worth of flowers, mainly to Europe. Kenya also has a rich history of producing world class athletes. More than 200,000 Kenyan-born British citizens are living in the UK. Their valuable contribution to the UK economy means they are constantly in touch with Kenya. simplecall has rolled out a low cost international calling rate for Kenya that is really cheap. Many Kenyans are using our service for our brilliant features including the ability to top up online, as well as our PINless service.

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