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Cheap call to Nepal is a cakewalk compared to trekking

With nearly 2 million mobiles and an impressive number of landlines, Nepal is quickly becoming an top destination for global VoIP calls. simplecall is offering you a cheap international calling service to Nepal that opens the gateway of the Himalaya. Our high quality calling service was created with your needs in mind. You can enjoy our top quality PINless service at a very low cost. Also, with our simple billing system, you can keep track of your calls anytime, anywhere.

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Large contingents of Nepalese living in the UK have a strong bond with their friends and families and we want to be sure they can stay in touch with each other. So call simplecall and share your UK experiences with your friends and family abroad. Our call rate for Nepal is just 12.5p /min for landlines and mobiles. There are no hidden charges and the minutes you get are genuine. Our voice quality is crystal clear, and you’ll be able to enjoy it from the start till the end of each and every call. Just visit and register with us. You can start enjoying the benefits of being a simplecall customer in no time.

Mountainous challenges ahead, keep marching.

After the decade old insurgent problem, Nepal is finally emerging and its economy is making hefty progress. Nepal evokes the image of fearless Ghurkhas and an unbroken mountain chain in our mind, but the country is more than that. A rich mix of different religion and culture has made Nepal richly divergent. A mountainous country of majestic peaks, including the Mt. Everest, has turned it into a hot spot for tourists from all over the world.