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Nowadays, we are always worried about time, money and managing our relationships. simplecall knows it can be difficult and would like to offer a helping hand. Let us take the calls to Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah, Medina or anywhere else in Saudi Arabia off your list of worries. We have unveiled a calling plan with a rate that starts from 8.3p /min to landlines and mobile phones. So leave your worries behind and call up your friends and family in Saudi Arabia for less. You can connect with them regardless of the mobile phone network they are on whether its STC, Mobily, Bravo or Zain.

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It’s easy to become a simplecall user. Just go to and register with us. Along with cheap rate, you will get a whole range of services and support. Our 24/7 customer service and high quality international calling service will surely impress you. Not only that, you can also store your favourite numbers and press one button whenever you want to call them. We offer you itemised billing and you can log in to your account from anywhere. This is terrific as you can track all your calls and top up as you wish.

Ahlan wa sahlan .

Over 3 million people visit Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage every year. This desert country is birthplace of Islam, one of the largest monotheist religions in the world. So if your loved one is performing Hajj or Umrah, then you can always keep in touch with them with our cheap calling service. Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of oil in the world, and the huge revenue generated by the oil revenue has mobilised the whole socio-economic infrastructure in this country. There are nearly 5 million landlines and 54 million mobile phones in Saudi Arabia.