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Cheap calls to Turkey are easy with simplecall

Nearly 2 million Brits visit Turkey each year. Also, a half million Turkish people live in UK. The bilateral relationship is warm and is growing each year. simplecall gives you the chance to call Turkey at a very low rate. Our rates start from 2.8p /min to landlines and mobiles. This is great news for you as our low rate call will enable you to make calls whenever you want and always keep you connected. Our call rates are always fair and honest so you know you’ll get exactly what you are promised.

Features as lavish as a Turkish bath

simplecall has splendid features that were created with our customers in mind. First of all, we are cheap and a high quality international calling service. Second, we are PINless, so you don’t have to go through any of the hassle of remembering long complicated codes. Third, we have itemised billing system where you can check your entire call history on your online account. Fourth, you can store your favourite numbers in your profile and call them anytime you want just by pressing a single button. All you have to do is visit and register – it’s quick, simple and convenient.

Welcome to the gateway of the East

In the last decade, Turkey has achieved the quantum leap in both its economic and social sector. It has always been considered the gateway to the West, sitting at the cross road of the oriental and occidental world. Turks here have contributed significantly in the UK economy. The bilateral trade between the UK and Turkey has soared in last few years and the UK is the second largest importer of Turkish goods after Germany. British love their Turkish food, as evidenced by the numerous kebab shops that have sprung up all over London.