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Cool features for a hot desert country

simplecall can help you to boost your contact with the UAE with its cheap and affordable rates. Our rate for the UAE starts from just 13.4p /min for both landlines and mobiles. And that is not all - we have a range of other features to accompany our cheap rates. This includes a PINless dialling service, online account, itemised billing and a way to save your numbers for quick and easy dialling.

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We know there are other providers in the market who claim to have the cheapest rates, but many of them have hidden costs and mysterious charges. In the end, they often aren’t that cheap at all! simplecall always displays our call rates on our website that you can access at any time. With simplecall, you only pay for what you use. Just register with us at and sign up for free.

Welcome to the oasis

In the last few decades, UAE has swiftly become the pulse of the Middle East. Professionals from all over the world have flocked to this desert kingdom and turned it into a global hotspot for trade and technology, business and commerce. The telecommunication sector in the UAE has boosted tremendously and is viewed as favourable for its liberal stance. Currently there are nearly 2 million landlines and 12 million mobile phones contracted in the UAE. With its horizon dotted with towering structures, this country is packed with opportunity for everyone and is nothing short of regional superpower.