help is here to get you talking

Want to learn how to get the most out of our services? Or maybe you just need a little extra help figuring out how everything works? Don’t worry – we have videos created to answer your questions and clearly guide you through any process.

how I use call direct 

Need a little extra help figuring out how to set up your call direct number? No worries! We’ve broken it down step-by-step to show you just how simple it is to create a unique, local number for your loved one abroad.

how I earn free credit 

Learn about how simple it is for you to earn up to 10% of all your friends’ top ups. Watch, refer and start talking for free!

what is simplecall? 

With simplecall, there’s no more worrying about complicated codes or hidden charges – we just keep things simple and affordable, so you can stay in touch with the people you love. Watch our video that shows just how simple it is to use simplecall.

launch of simplecall 

In this video detailing our internal launch of the simplecall brand, we hope to share some insight into the thinking, values, new look and feel that is behind simplecall. So please, let us invite you to join us on our journey to a place where the complex is made simple. Enjoy.