how I can use simplecall

call directConnect with friends and family abroad – directly!

Calling your mom? It’s so simple to keep your precious connection with your loved ones using call direct.

Instead of complicated access codes and PINs other companies use, we create unique, permanent local numbers for your destination – just save them to your phone for one-touch international calling.

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earn free credittreat yourself to free credit – refer a friend

When you recommend simplecall to friends, you can earn 10% of their top ups for three months! And you keep earning free credit on your referrals for up to one year.

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer or how much money you can earn. Who knows – you might never have to pay to top up again!

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emergency creditCaught without credit? We can help – just give us a call.

It can be a real hassle, running out of credit. Especially when you need to make an urgent call and you can’t get on the internet.

But there’s no need to worry with our emergency top up service – we’re always here for you. Simply ring our free customer service number and ask for emergency credit. We’ll add $1 to your account straight away and take it from your balance when you next top up. No hassle, no fuss!

sms / textWish you could text the world for less?

Good news – you can! In fact, we want you to feel happy about texting whenever you want. That’s why we’ve launched simplecall sms.

It’s a service using the web. Convenient and incredibly cost-effective, you save up to 80% on all international text messages – texting anywhere, anytime.

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