how I can use simplecall

call directConnect with friends and family abroad – directly!

Calling your mom? It’s so simple to keep your precious connection with your loved ones using call direct.

Instead of complicated access codes and PINs other companies use, we create unique, permanent local numbers for your destination – just save them to your phone for one-touch international calling.


How do I start using call direct?

When you are apart from your loved ones, they can seem so far away. But, with call direct, your friends and family are within the press of a single button!

It’s simple -- all you need is your loved ones’ numbers and access to the internet. Follow these steps to get connected, directly:

  1. If you aren’t already, sign up for a simplecall account. It’s quick, simple and free to register.
  2. Once signed into your account, click the call direct tab on the left-side menu and then select the ‘add new’ option.
  3. Carefully type in your loved one’s name and phone number in its respective fields and click ‘save.’
  4. The next page will show you the new local number that can now be used in place of the long distance one you just saved! We suggest storing this number in your phone as you would any other. That way you can use it again and again, effortlessly!

You can create as many as 50 different unique call direct numbers so the possibilities are almost endless. Try call direct today.