the simplecall story

simplecall offers a low-cost international calling alternative to calling cards. High-quality calls, no hidden charges or connection fees – that’s simplecall.

How the pieces came together

Simplecall was founded in 2006 with the core belief of providing an honest, straightforward approach to international calling.
Founder Naufal Zamir found that nearly all of the standard international calling cards out there were ripping customers off with hidden charges. There were features like connection charges, daily surcharges, 30/40 seconds a minute instead of 60 and many more dodgy rip-off settings under the guise of ‘creative billing’. Customers were being charged for more minutes than they used, and there was no way to to check the accuracy of the charges and see actual itemised billing. Sadly, this situation still continues in this industry.  The lack of regulation means they get away with it.
Calling cards are fiddly to use. Customers would dial an access code, before entering a long PIN and then dialling their destination number. This hassle lead to the idea to start simplecall PIN-LESS service.
Naufal decided it was also high time there was transparency in the industry and set out to provide a simpler, more transparent way to reach loved ones. Simplecall was the first ever in the UK calling card industry to give itemised billing online that could be compared with user’s phone bill.
When Naufal’s mother came to visit the UK, she found it difficult to use the simplecall pinless to contact her family, who were based around the globe. Hard of hearing, she could barely hear the prompts to enter the destination number.
So Naufal designed a way for his mother to speak to her family by dialling just one local number which was the basis of Call Direct (UK,USA & Canada Only) – a service which became the most popular feature of simplecall.
Of course it’s also easy to set up. Find out how you can simply register your number to start making low-cost international calls.
Simplecall customers benefit from low-cost, PIN-free, hassle-free calls. We’re proud to have had over 31,000 customer referrals to date, and not one complaint about hidden costs.

'We say what we do and do what we say.'

The international calling industry is rife with ploys to cheat and misinform customers as a means of making money. But we don't think it has to be that way.
At simplecall, we believe that every interaction we have with you is part of a much larger relationship. And, we understand that in order for that relationship to be sound, it must be built on trust.
This is why we operate a little differently than some of our competitors:

  • We will always have our most current rates posted plainly on our site for your convenience.
  • You will never find any mystery charges or tariffs hidden in our terms and conditions, so you know the rate you see is what you'll pay.
  • You will always have complete access to your call history on your online account.

We are transparent in everything we do because we think you have the right to know what you're buying. Because to us, it's not about getting your money – it's about getting you

'What matters to you, matters to us.'

At simplecall, the customer always comes first. We first seek to understand your needs, then we strive to surpass them.
To do that, we are constantly innovating new ways to meet all your communication needs. That's why we offer:

PIN-less dialling
We saw the hassle of dialling long PINs, so we took them out.
call direct
We recognised the inconvenience of recalling your loved one's number, so we made a system to create a unique local one you could use in its place.
We identified the problem with making calls while travelling, so we supplied local access numbers for low cost calling no matter where you are in the world.

We know hearing from your loved ones is a priority to you, so it's a priority for us. And, while we're at it, we want to make sure it's simple and effortless.

No PINs. No hassle. No fuss.