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Have you ever been far away from home and wanted to speak to your loved ones or friends. Did you try using one of those prepaid calling cards to talk to your family only to realize that you did not get what you paid for?
This is generally symptomatic of all calling cards. We've all been through this at one point or the other - they promise something and deliver something else. Plus, the long, complicated PINs that have to be entered every time you want to make an international call add insult to injury.

how is simplecall better than calling cards?

Because of all the deceit and complexities in the calling card industry, we thought we should create something revolutionary and different - we wanted to make things simple and honest. With our service, you don't have to worry about dialling complicated PINs ever again. Our system recognizes your phone number the moment you call the access number for your area. Plus, you’ll only ever pay for what you use. No hidden charges, no miscellaneous fees.

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Our rates will always be posted plainly on our website and we do not charge you anything beyond what we have advertised. So the next time when you are away and want to talk to your family and friends, make sure you use simple call. Sign up of for simplecall today !

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